Antique Road Trip: USA (Full) App Reviews

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Superbe application.

Antique Road Trip U.S.A.

The HD on this game is good. The concept is very good, but its too touchy. Just trying to move the screen to locate hidden objects causes the Try Again message to continually appear. Then, when you actually find the item & tap to select it, you have to tap several times. It will be great when all the bugs are cleared.

Please work out the bugs

Good but too many little bugs! Other big fish games are much higher quality!!

Antique road show

Too sensitive but otherwise excellent

Antiques Road Trip USA

It is often difficult to read the clues. The picture does not enlarge as large as many other games. Very sensitive, just trying to move the screen " try again" continually pops up. Its quite annoying.


Too sensitive! Just trying to move the screen causes the try again icon to appear. When you find an item and tap it you have to do it several times to select it! Please fix these bugs.

Good value for your money

Good game, but I agree that it is too sensitive.

Great game

Like others have mentioned a great game but some areas where you have to move the screen its a little too sensitive.


This is an amazing game. Only problem is that its way too sensitive.


As everyone has already mentioned... way to sensitive! Why is it taking so long to fix this?!!! I want my $ back!

Too sensitive

Potentially a fun game but there are too many problems to make playing it worth the trouble. The touch controls are way too sensitive. I get that damn "try again" dog, when all Ive done is moved the screen and then when I really do want to select an item, I have to tap it multiple times. This pretty much turns me right off. Definitely not worth the money! Buyer beware!


Seems like a great search and find game easy to use enjoyable for anyone who likes hidden object games

Antique Road Trip

Of I loved building the Antique Shop, and their build a family too. But the added surprise of continuing the mini games was a super surprise. If you love hidden objects adventures, or even if you are fascinated by collectables and a cute, uplifting story. You really should try this one!

Antique Road Show - FullVersion

App is broken. Game freezes after 3 auctions. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled. What a rip off!! Dont but the full version of this game! It doesnt work!


It is good game !! Big fish has awesome games !!


Screen too sensitive in searches, but too slow between screens. otherwise, its pretty good

Good game premise

App very glitchy and often very hard to see. Otherwise, the game is fun!


Alot of fun, but the screen is very sensitive and the try again dog is annoying!!

Great game

Want the sequel made quickly!

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